Designers block

That's a thing right?  Like writers block?  Clearly it is because I have it :)  I'm working on a course right now and am just not feeling the design.  The course content is about pain, and as I'm still waiting on approval for purchasing stock images my options for photos are rather limited.  I'd love some inspiration so I can get out of this rut and make this course engaging.  It's 98 slides long and I can't even bring myself to read through them all right now!  Anyone have great resources for gorgeous looking healthcare courses or engaging interactions?


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Donna Carter

Oh Katie, is it ever a thing!! I was in the exact same situation a few weeks ago, also working on a health care related topic (cross-cultural competency), and it was horrible.  As you said, you just get to a point where you can't even stand to look at it any more!  Here's what I did:

1. I stepped away.  After awhile, you just need to step away from it, and give your brain a break.  Surprisingly, what I found happening was that when I wasn't trying so hard to come up with solutions, ideas just came to me.

2. I went to the Articulate community downloads and just reviewed the content to see if there were any ideas that would translate to what I  was trying to do.  I've also found inspiration on Pinterest.

3. Try Pixabay for free images until your subscription comes through

Hope this helps.  It happens to all of us, trust me.