Designing a branching scenario - working out loud

Here's a series of posts outlining the story of a branching scenario from needs analysis to final Storyline file (which you can download and re-use). I'm not claiming it's great Storyline - it isn't and I even point out something I couldn't make work - but it might be useful to someone as a starting point for their own scenario. 

I hope it will be useful and encouraging to anyone starting out with branching scenarios and take it a step beyond my Designing Predicaments workbook, which has one mini-scenario as its focus.

In terms of Working Out Loud I cheated a little as I wasn't doing it ‘live’ but in retrospect, working through the decisions I made creating a scenario for a demonstration a couple of years ago. But I was able to remember what we did and why, and comment from the point of view of ‘If I’d known then what I know now.’

The series starts here

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