Designing a full videogame as a learning tool

Jul 08, 2024

For my internship at University of Strasbourg, Pole LanSAD, I was tasked with coming up with creative ideas to help promote medical jargon, expressions and vocabulary in English for the French students of medicine.

Using Articulate Storyline and a little bit of artistic creativity, I designed a full blown narrative videogame with elements of horror. I had a few incredibly talented people from all over the world to help record the dialogues and voices in the game to add to its authenticity, immresion and of course, prosodic effects to ensure the highest possible level of fidelity for students to practice on.

The game mechanics and puzzles were desigened in a way that they can be overcome by anyone with a little bit of curiosity and no prior medical knowledge is needed - deep beneath these puzzles also lies a gripping story and a gameplay that hosts 3 different endings depending on player choices.

If you did end up playing this game, let me know what you think about it.

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