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Sep 09, 2018

Hi Folks!

I work for a hospital that has 3000+ healthcare workers. Earlier this year, I designed a suite of compliance courses (5) as mandated by the various healthcare regulatory bodies. These courses are to be completed on annual basis.

I do not want our employees to take the same course again this year. Although we will be validating the existing content and make some changes to it, I do not expect it to very different from this years training.?

What is the best way to roll out this program for next year?

One idea that I had in mind was to have an assessment for each course. If the learner answers a question incorrectly, then they would be taken to a portion of the course that covers the content related to the question. In this way, the learners need not go through the whole course again.

Is there anything else that we can do from a learning perspective that will ensure that our employees go through the content but don't feel like it is a repetition of last years courses?

Look forward to your ideas/suggestions.




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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Ashwin:

Must they take it every year? Why? If you could fight this, that's where I would start.

I agree, 95% of the content will be the same. I like your idea of an pre-assessment/pre-test, but am wondering how practical sending them to stuff they got wrong is going to be, especially if it's a long list of subjects. How many topics do the course contain? How many quiz questions must they take?

I think the length of the modules determines how you structure an assessment. Creating different versions of assessment feels like the right way to go there. --Daniel  

Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashwin:

Nicole's links are a great start, and I agree with Daniel that having this checked or re-assessed EVERY year seems a bit much.

If policy is an issue here, maybe try to push the repeat cycle back so that the compliance happens every 2-3 years rather than every single year.

When you get to that 2nd-3rd year, try to push for creation of a new approach to course building, maybe economizing on length, or designing with newer, more focused content for these repeat cycle courses.

Your example screams for a well-produced 2-3 minute video or two to make specific points, and if they are well-liked, will go a LONG way towards people remembering the content, arguably, much more so than any Quiz you could build to support it.

That said, you may need to include a short Quiz in order to keep the folks at your organization happy, so they have something specific to track, so maybe there is a compromise that can be found there.

Hope my thoughts help.



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