Designing Email Templates

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Hello all!


Can anyone offer an easy to use and engaging way to design email templates? I currently use an excel table as the format for my email templates and as you can imagine the cells present some formatting uses when designing a dynamic and smooth looking email template.




Nick Martinez

2 Replies
Mike Taylor

Hi Nick!  Campaign Monitor has some nice email templates. Also depending on how you're managing your email list Mail Chimp is a great way to automate the subscribe/unsubscribe function and they have some nice templates too. Their free account lets you send up to 12k emails a month. I use it and it is a really great tool for email lists. 

Steven Carter

I am using the Freshmail services from last few months and having a great experience with it. They provide stunning email templates. Many statistics to sum up the campaign. They have also autoresponder which is also easy to use. Free account lets you send up to 2000 messages each month.