Designing for tablets AND phones...

Hi all - 

My latest challenge is designing a course that looks good on desktop, tablets, AND the iPhone 6+ (to launch in a mobile LMS... not the Articulate app). I've designed for mobile (tablet) before, but the iPhone (in my opinion) presents some unique design challenges. Has anyone designed for phones, and do you have any best practices to share?

My goals are to avoid designing 2 versions of the same course - I need something that translates well across all platforms! Thanks for your ideas! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Leigh!  I wanted to provide you with this article as a reference for choosing the optimal slide size for mobile devices; maybe it will give you some guidance on sizing your course.

Also, here's our position on creating courses that are responsive to your devices.  Once we are able to share our responsive player, you won't have to worry about adjusting your course to the'll happen automatically!