Developing a course around manufacturing of Concrete Block Paving

Oct 26, 2017



I would like some advice on e-learning concepts that would help me build an interactive course on the manufacturing of concrete products. I am developing an Induction level module for new starters joining a supply and manufacturing company of CBP and other products.

I have very limited knowledge in this, working as a developer and I have some light content on the processes involved including Wet Pressing; Semi-dry mix and Wet cast.

Does anyone have any links or resources that would increase my knowledge on a basic level for an induction on the manufacturing of concrete products.


Also, any ideas on how I can make it interactive?

Kind Regards,

Fellow developer Ateyb

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Nicole Legault

Hey Ateyb, 

Thanks for coming to the E-Learning Heroes community with your questions. Do you have any Subject Matter or Content Experts that you can talk to, to get any other information or any missing pieces that you want to include? Are there any learning objectives, or specific tasks the new employees need to be able to do with this information about manufacturing concrete? Why do they need to know this? 

I always think a good place to focus content is on what learners actually have to do on the job, or how they will use the information when they are actually working. Thats what most people need and want to know. So why do learners need to know this information, and when will they use it or apply it in real life, are 2 questions I have for you! :) 

When it comes to making content interactive remember that the value of your course is in the content they're learning and how well it is written and presented to them. The quality of your questions and the feedback you provide. These are all things that will make a big difference in your course, not in how much they need to click. 

I also think you may want to consider using Articulate's authoring tool called Rise to create this content. It will let you add interactivity such as tabs interactions and checklists, but more quickly and easily. I think that tool would work very well for this content. If you have Articulate 360 you already have access to Rise. If you don't have it, you can download a free trial of Articulate 360 and use Rise to build your content. 

In terms of finding more content related to your subject, Google will be your best friend :) I use it all the time to research and gather content for projects I'm working on. Let us know how this project is going for you! 

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