Developing software simulation for iPhone 6 in SL360

Hi everyone,

I am developing software simulation for iPhone 6 using storyline 360. Without going into too much detail the course will teach sales assistants how to use an application capturing and retrieving customer information. I will create the simulation by using screenshots and hotspots. There won't be any recordings, I will go straight into the simulation as the app is fairly easy to use and I don't want to waste the learners' time to make them watch something when they can try it straightaway.

This is my first content that will be viewed on iPhones only, I normally develop courses for desktops and they were hosted on LMS. This will be hosted on the company's website so I would appreciate any tips, dos and don'ts especially about publishing and viewing the content.

I was also thinking of combining Storyline content with Rise as I love responsive design but I am not sure if it is a good idea or not. I am not sure if the interactive storyline block added to Rise would work or not.

Has anyone developed something like this before? What worked for you and what didn't?

I know it is a wide topic but any comment will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Allison LaMotte

HI Eszter,

One thing I would keep in mind as you're creating this is the screen size your learners are going to be viewing this on. If I were you I would create a couple of slides and then test it out for yourself to see how easy it is to see all the parts of the interface. Doing this upfront will help you avoid headaches later on if you end up realizing it looks too small on the phone.

Also, have you considered using Storyline's screen recording tool directly instead of creating your own screenshots and adding hotspots? Storyline allows you to record your screen and insert it as a simulation. That way, all the hotspots are created for you automatically! Just an idea. Here are some tutorials if you're not familiar with the screen recording feature in Storyline.

Creating your course in Rise is also a great idea! The Storyline block in Rise will show your Storyline project just as it would normally. The responsive part of Rise only works on things created in Rise directly. However, doing this would allow you to create all the explanations outside of the simulations in Rise, making them responsive. 

I hope these tips are helpful! I'm excited to see what others have to say on this topic.


Eszter Bedo

Hi Allison,

Thanks very much for your reply and the useful tips.

I started developing the course and as you suggested I changed the screen size and took screenshots with the iPhone which I transferred to my laptop. It turned out that the training was for an app not a software so I took screenshots and added the hotspots. 

I used Rise and created separate SL blocks for the simulations using the modern player with no menus and controls so it already looks good.

As for the publication, they would like to upload it to their sharepoint so I published the course to my laptop and asked the IT guys to upload the entire content folder. I will see next week what it looks like but I am hoping it will work.

Eszter Bedo

Hi Allison, 

I am not entirely sure how to share my Rise course on Sharepoint. 

I exported it to Web and now I need to give instructions to the admin team on how to upload it to Sharepoint. I downloaded the Zip file and sent the content file to the person uploading it. I asked them to upload the whole folder on to sharepoint. Now they ask me which file withing the folder they need to share and I am a little stuck.....