Developing Storyline Quiz to Select Images in Order

I am currently building a quiz in Storyline for a safety course and was wondering if there is a way to have a pick many question with images as choices AND the learner needs to select the images in certain order?  For this specific question, there is a nearby fire and the learner needs to respond by selecting what they would do first (clear away the bystanders), what they would do second (activate the fire alarm), and so on...

Does anyone know how to create this using Storyline? 

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on interactive quiz questions to use?

Thanks so much!


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Bruce Graham

Hi Diana and welcome to the Heroes Community, 

Just off the top of my head I would some sort of Freeform Drag and Drop, (see here for the Tutorial)

See attached example for a quick mockup - process = Hit Alarm, Clear Bystanders, Leave Building.

Drag the numbers to the correct step.

Very simple but see how the process works and then start to expand your complexity.

Hope that helps, and once again a warm welcome to the best Community in town


Dina Tsuda

Thanks so much Bruce!  I appreciate the suggestion and the story line file.  I will try to use this approach.  I was hoping learners could just click on the image in a certain order and not have to drag and drop however I don't see this functionality available.  This is an excellent work around!

Appreciate the help!  Thank you!