DevLearn 2013 Takeaways Day One

Hi, everyone:

I'm at DevLearn this week, and thought I'd share key takeaways from day one and the five sessions I attended:

  • Top Tips for Elearning Design, Cammy Bean
  • Keynote, Unlocking Cool, Jeremy Gutsche
  • Show Your Work The Payoffs and How-tos of Narrating Work, Jane Bozarth
  • Five Things Game Designers Can Teach Elearning Designers, Karl Kapp
  • The Science of Behavioral Change, Art Kohn

Here is the youtube video of the takeaways. Hope you are well. --Daniel

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Daniel Brigham

Holly MacDonald said:

Awesome Daniel, your sharing is much appreciated. Love the Art Kohn 2 days/2 weeks/2 months tip! 


Holly, the Kohn presentation was interesting, perhaps not the best structured, but he's got something interesting things to say about behavior change that I didn't have time for in the video. He's also got a consulting firm that focuses on behavior change.