Difference Between Content Curation and Content Creation

To curate or create?

It’s a question that many marketers ask themselves when planning their strategy.

Luckily, the answer isn’t one or the other. It’s a combination of both curation and creation that can help trainers achieve great results.

For years, training content creation has been pointed to as the holy grail for training. From ebooks and infographics to blog posts and presentations, the idea that content is king has resulted in a content boom.

One of the best content platforms in the world is Netflix. Trainers can learn a lot from Netflix as it relates to both content acquisition and data driven decisions.  It’s an entity that has perfected both the creation and curation of content. Content creation is the act of taking an idea and turning it into an actual piece of content. Content curation is the act of finding great content, modifying it to meet your training needs and then distributing it across your own training channels.

These are two things that Netflix does better than anyone.

Netflix leverages content creation when they take an idea and turn it into original programming. The Netflix series House of Cards or the documentary, Making A Murderer are both great examples of content created by Netflix.  .
Research from found that 23% of Netflix subscribers subscribe because of the original programming.

Netflix also specializes in content curation by finding and licensing great content that was developed by other production studios. For example, Hartswood Films, BBC Wales and WGBH are the production studios behind the hit series, Sherlock, but anyone can watch if they have a Netflix account..

Why You Should Create Content

If you’re able to create work and site-specific content consistently and deliver training value, your trainees will keep coming back to use. Here you focus on topics unique to your business and work environment.

Why You Should Curate Content

Training content curation is when you take the content created by others and filter through it to identify content your audience should be consuming for regulatory and compliance training.

Should You Curate or Create Content?

Let’s go with both. Netflix is a great example of the perfect curation and creation mix.

You should strive to have some training channels in which you’re acting as a content curator and others in which you’re the creator. For example, if you’re the owner of a manufacturing plant; you want to create training unique to your process and curate an off-the-shelf Lockout Tagout to fit energy isolation for that process.

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