Difference Between Exit Trigger and Closing Down Browser Window?

Jun 24, 2014

Hi Everyone

I have a client who has mentioned that sometimes the results/tracking of course I built on Storyline don't always report back to their LMS. 

I didn't use the default player for this build. Instead I built my own using graphics placed directly onto the slide. One thing I didn't include was an exit course button (hooked up to the 'Exit Course' trigger) as I didn't think this would be necessary. I assumed just closing down the browser window would have the same effect. 

Before I go back to my client and suggest we add an exit course button/trigger (there are HUNDREDS of screens, this would be a big job!!!) in other users' experience would this make a difference?

Thanks in advance! 


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi James,

Since this will be hosted on an LMS, there is absolutely no need for an exit button IMHO.

a) Chances are the LMS is going to have its own Exit button anyway, so creating an exit button becomes somewhat redundant, and
b) as you mentioned, users can/will exit the course in different ways if they wish to do so (i.e. close browser window, close tab, refer to another page on that same tab, leave the course idle until the LMS session timer expires or even just switch of their computer completely).


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