Different background images in different scenes?

Hello, I have used Articulate 2010, Captivate 7, and Lectora. 

Now our organization decided to try Storyline 2 and I need to refresh my memory for this tool. The first thing I do is to get back to this community and read some awesome postings. It is really cool to see this community very active. 

Ok. Enough said that. My question is I was putting some awesome background image that our graphic designer has created to a master slide. Then, I became curious whether we can use separate background images to different scenes. The idea is to use different background to different scenes while I put all the different images in the master slides. Is it possible? 

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Michael Hinze

I could think of two ways to do this.

1. Create a separate master with background specific for each scene.

2. Make the background an object that has different states, one for each scene. Then you use a variable to set a scene number and based on that number change the state of the background object.