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Christopher Cummins

When we record presentations, we record the presenter separately and then edit in the ppt during editing, like what you see at ted.com. Personally I found looking at the two windows at once to be confusing. It took me a couple seconds to realize the presentation was in the left window. What type of production equipment do you have?

Another option that would require less post production work would be a mixer. You could have your camera and PC be separate inputs and mix them live and record. It depends on your budget and what equipment you have in place and of course time.

Jonathan Y

Our equipment is a high end work station with all the mic and voice over bits added. We have adobe master suite.

So the output we are after is the mix of power point slides with video, but getting the right balance between the two.

The users are thinking that a 30min presentation is a bit boring if you are looking at the footage for that long, so i guess that's why they think of adding the slides to the video will break it up a bit.

I'd forgot all about ted.com - so thanks

Eamonn McKenna

I use Sony Vegas............record the video of the presenter (either in a live enviro or staged). I can then add the slides (as pictures) as a "layer" on top of the video. If the camera is always trained on the presenter, the slides can be blended in an out as appropriate to give the effect of watching the slides and occasionally seeing the presenter. Key to a good job is the sound........the presenter must be confident in speaking and to do this l wouldd suggest scripting the naration for them. Let them read the script as you film them. You probably will find that there will be very little of them in the video and alot of the powerpoint

Hope this helps