Different uses of sliders in quiz questions (using sliders and object states)

Jul 28, 2019

Looking for better ways of incorporating quiz and/or knowledge check questions, at the same time that I remain mindful of simplicity, I decided to create quiz questions using some of the tools that Articulate Storyline 360 provide, in this case, sliders.

You can see it in action here.

Slider Quiz Question

  • On the instructional design side, I made sure that the questions remain within proper construction, and that they help measure knowledge.
  • On the Learning Experience Design side, I used elements of visual communication, graphic design and UI.
  • On the eLearning Development side, I used Articulate Storyline 360 sliders, objects states and triggers.

The design for the first question was inspired by a website to increase awareness on lupus.

The design of the second question is an alternative to hotspots.

The third question engages the user by changing the background as the learner selects the different temperatures.

Note: I'm not sure that the file can be used as a template, as the triggers and object states are very specific to each slide. However, anyone with fair knowledge of triggers and object states can easily follow what I did, and then reproduce it for their own objectives.

You can download the SL 360. I haven't tested it in SL 3.

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