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Judy Nollet

Hi, Colin,

I'd say SCORM 2003 is definitely better. It allows a lot more space for storing the suspend/resume data. That makes it much more likely to resume properly. 

As I understand it, the SCORM setting doesn't relate to the browser or device. (Those can differ in how they interpret HTML5.)

Saurabh Chauhan


If you can switch to xAPI then you can track all the information you like browser and device. It might need some custom work until and unless your LMS tracks all the information out of the box.

You can take a look at this Storyline content: https://demo.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/courses/scorm-content-on-learndash-lms/quizzes/storyline-360-scorm-quiz/

The launcher (GrassBlade xAPI Companion) tracks the browsers and device information and send it to the LRS along with the activity information of the learner.

You can check your activities here: https://test.gblrs.com/Reports