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Tony McCune

Nita - You can find quite a few DigitalChalk product reviews on Capterra.com 

We currently have over 2,000 business and training companies using the platform.  Approximately 15% of our customers use SCORM based courses developed in Articulate.  We support SCORM 1.2 right now.  The main thing to keep in mind when using Articulate is that they don't enforce the SCORM 1.2 character limit of 4,096 (which is required to be enforced in the SCORM 1.2 spec) so if you try to put multiple quizzes into a single SCORM element you run the risk of getting an error.  (Forum link discussing this)

Depending on your customers goals, you may want to also look into using our Web-based authoring tools provided in the LMS.  Course elements created both in SCORM and through our tools can be mixed and matched within any course.  


Joshua Quigley

I have been using DigitalChalk for about one year now and they have been true "Rock Stars" they have created a really great platform that has been problem free for my business.  DigitalChalk has a  lot of flexibility for me on how to put courses together, whether it is my audio lectures, slides shows built in Keynote or even a flashed based presentation.  Their support folks are really knowledgable and very prompt on getting me the answers that I needed when I was putting my courses together.

The feature that I have been waiting for, is the ability to create discounts for my customers.  I just learned that that feature is now available... yeah!!! 

Their reports and tracking have help my create a matrix that allows me to understand my customers and also my customers competency. I recommend DigitalChalk and give it  4.5 Stars out 5.

Marcy  Bettini

We have issues with reporting. The reporting capabilities are extremely limiting and of no use to us. We cannot pull course or element access numbers to see which courses are being taken the most, last accessed, etc, unless on the offering level only. We were not able to rectify this with the company, which has led to us leaving.