Direction on interactive slides, and true/false questions.

Hi - I am new to Storyline and have recently started using Storyline 3. I've had no problem importing a PowerPoint but I've been asked to produce a more interactive presentation - this includes 'clicking to reveal' information (i.e. User clicks 1 - 4 statements to reveal additional information. 

Second, I am hoping to create some easy True/False questions to include. I'd like to have the correct information 'pop-up' when selecting True, and the incorrect information 'pop-up' when false.

Any help would be great appreciated. Thank You! 

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Richard Watson


The best way to learn Storyline is to back engineer templates and participate in the e-Learning challenges. For example, this challenge should give you ideas on how ways to design click-and-reveals:

Click and reveals typically involve creating layers, so here is something to research and work with:

The built-in quiz slides in Storyline will automatically come with correct and incorrect layers that will show once the learner answers the question. You can learn more about working with quiz slides here:

There are also several templates you can download and check out here:

I hope that helps get you started!