Disabling the next button until all slide layers are visited

I need some advice. I have created a sequence of slide layers from people to view but I want to ensure that the next button is disable until every one of the slide layers (in correct order) have been viewed. I have a feeling I am tackling it the wrong way, so any assistance would be appreciated.



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Anthony Goss

Set the initial state of the next button to disabled.  You could then use true-false variables to track whether the slide layer has been visited:

layer1visited = false

layer2visited = false


Adjust variable on each layer to true when the timeline starts.

Then, on the base layer, change next button to normal when all layer variables are true. 


Hi Natalie - 

I think you can avoid variables in your example because you're progressively revealing layer buttons for each step. 

Two things I did:

  1. Disabled the next button when the timeline first begins
  2. Enabled the next button when the final layer's timeline first begins. 

I attached your file so you can take a look at what I did to see if it works.

David from Articulate shared three ways to disable next button until all layers were visited and shows the technique Anthony mentioned above. Here's the link: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/david-anderson-these-webinar-examples-didn-t-work-for-me-number-variables#reply-584895


Michelle Shomler

The difference about doing this Anthony’s way comes into play when a learner revisits the slide (say after completing the section, they click Previous or use the menu)... If you don’t want the learner to have to watch the whole sequence every time they revisit the page, yet you want them to see the base layer when they go back, you have to select Reset to Initial in the slide preferences. Montse’s way would show them the base layer with the next button disabled until they viewed it all again. Anthony’s way will show them the base layer with the Next button in a normal state (because the visited variable still = true). I suppose it depends on your content and course standards, but I generally “unlock” everything to the learner after they’ve gone through it once, so I would use Anthony's method. 


That's a good point, Michelle. If you're looking to open the slide up for all future revisits, then a variable will be necessary. 

I still wouldn't add a variable for each slide layer in this case. A single, true/false variable could be used to unlock the slide after it's first completed.

Attached is an updated version w/ the true/false variable.