Disappearing Hover Icons SL2

I've designed a landing page with a row of icons and related topic headings. The icons have a hover over effect and the topic headings are clickable to take the learner to the desired page.

The problem seems to happen when the learner comes back to the page and those "hover" icons disappear.

It's set to "resume to saved state" on the landing page, but changing this doesn't seem to fix the issues.

I've tried to change the "restore on mouse leave" option, but again, no help.

Any animations have been removed from the elements as well.

I've attached a screenshot of the page so you can see the setup.


Thoughts experts and novices alike?


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Domenic James

I'm using SL2 and the issue seems to be there in both the published and preview modes. Unfortunately, I can't share the .story file. But I can attach a screenshot of the triggers.

This presentation was built on an existing template so I'm not quite sure of all settings that were used other than what I can see. But right now, I can't see anything obviously causing this behavior.

Domenic James

I did figure it out... sort of. Since I didn't design the template, I wasn't sure how it or any of the assets were created. So, I deleted the image for the hover state, recreated the icon from scratch in Powerpoint (making sure to recolor it,) then used "change picture" on the existing hover icon. For some reason, that worked.


Thanks everyone for your help. :)