Discussion and comments within an Articulate course

Dear Heroes,

Articulate 360 is out and I did not tested it yet. But there is something I was missing in Articulate courses from the very beginneng.

The option for learners to interact with each other.

This is one of the most important thinks in e-learning, I think. So, I am asking myself, maybe it was possible all the time but I did not mentioned it.

So: Is it possible that a user of a articulate course can comment a slide or video or whatever and another user can read and answer on it?

I am looking forward to your answers. And also if you have any ideas for tricks in an LMS or another interactive  if this is not possible, yet. 

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Boris Wesemann

I don't know a general authoring tool that is offering this function (but two specialized for videos and teachers training. see below).

But I am wondering about the fact, that there is no general authering tool that offers this function. Because it is somehow elementary for e-learning, I think. And at least the articulate course is communicating with a LMS that is offering this function. So it can't be that difficult to implement that. 

OK - For me it was way to difficult. And I am pretty sure that SCORM and Tin Can API is immensely complex. But I imagine that for those guys who develop the SCORM compatibility for articulate courses, it is not that far from that what they allready have implemented. 

But thank you for your answer anyhow. I just wanted to make sure for my self, that it is really not possible and was not possible all the time a was dreaming of this function.

But to give an input into the community:
There are two videobased tools/platforms that allow discussions between learners in a very interessting way (but I never used them):