DIV IDs / Elements in Index.htnl

Oct 16, 2017

Hi friends,

Attempting to create a simple scrolling effect, between slides; just like a modern webpage.

The options in Storyline aren't quite what I need. For example, the push transitions only work one way, and I can't duplicate slides as the project will be too big.

So, attempting to do it with JS. I have a script that will achieve this, but I can't figure out which DIV ID or Element represents each slide. I need to know this to tell the JS where to scroll from and too.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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Daniel Moore

Thanks for your reply Alexandros. Yes, it would be great if we had some IDs before publish.

On this occasion though, the DIV IDs getting generated on publish is not too bad. My plan is to write/copy a script with the scrolling behaviour I want, then add this script to the published directory. In theory, there is no need to 'trigger' this behaviour from inside the .story file, I just need to find the right anchor points in the index.html (between slides) to attach the scrolling behaviour to. This is why I'm wondering what the ID or container, each slide is referenced as in the code

I'll keep playing around.


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