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David Anderson

Hi Jeunesse - 

Most experienced course designers wear a lot of hats. They do everything from authoring courses to project management to consulting to graphic design.

I'd say that if you're just starting out you do not need to worry about graphic design skills. Storyline comes with Content Library templates and characters so a lot of the design work is already established. Your bigger focus should be in learning to use the tools first. 

I know a lot of Storyline designers who are hired more for their technical skills than design skills. The more you can do in e-learning, however, the more opportunities you'll have to design meaningful projects.

Jeunesse HQ

Yes, you are right. 

They are more interested that the content is learned, but they were Wowed when I showed them how  I will be presenting it and evaluating the learning with Storyline. I just feel I could do better with the design.

The tittle of the book interests me. I'll look it up.

Thank you