Do questions need to be in a question bank in order to be gradeable?

Hi all,

I'm developing a course with 10 modules, each one has its own quiz story of about 10 questions each. I added a results slide for tracking and grading, but a query from the course owner has come up, suggesting that the questions have to be in a question bank in order for grading to happen. The questions are all unique - none are repeated throughout the course and the order they are in is important.

I set up the results slides to review/retake course etc. and have published for lms with the appropriate boxes ticked to track the score. However I'm not the one who will deal with how it works inside the lms.

So (too late to make a long question short!) do questions need to be inside a question bank in order for an lms to track/grade learners' results and is there any additional benefit using them even for questions that are fixed, not repeated or randomized? Thanks!

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Adam Hoe

Hi Jennifer,

As far as I am aware, there are a couple ways to select the questions that will be used in grading. I wouldn't necessarily say they must come from a 'question bank'

When someone says 'question bank,' I take that literally in terms of Storyline. (see attached 'draw_from_bank.png' I believe the advantage of using the bank is being able to draw questions at random. 

Most of the time, I simply select questions that I want to be used when grading from the Results Slide Properties. (see attached) It sounds like you are using the same method.

I could be misunderstanding something here, but I would say you can absolutely produce a grade from a series of questions with out using a 'bank'

I hope this makes sense and is helpful.