Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Feb 27, 2014

Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Hey gang -

Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them!

Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch of links showcasing the awesome work you're creating with Articulate software.

If all you have is a single web page with text-based links to projects, add them below. We're trying to find more ways to promote the creative work you do and the first step is to learn what you're working on.

So go ahead and promote your work below!

: We have an elearning challenge going on portfolios. Hop over to the challenge to share your e-learning portfolio!

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Charles Hamper


Here's some of what I've been doing over the years.  The Articulate stuff is all from Presenter, linked at the bottom of the elearning tab.  I really need to get some Storyline projects in there.  I think David's weekly challenges can be the great motivator to making that happen!

Thanks for looking.

Jason Peterson

The following is a list of eLearning examples you can link to and interact with (presentations, interactions, quizzes, learning nuggets, demonstrations, application simulations and online presentation platforms) in order to obtain a flavor of my Rapid eLearning skills and styles; in reverse chronological order.  Contact me with any questions.

E-Learning Examples (Jason Howard Peterson / LinDion Services)

Jason Peterson

Yep, I’m a “happy camper” today!  Not only do I own Studio ’13 now (in addition to Storyline) but, I have also had time to update all of my past content, previously published with Studio ’09.

This post does not list out all detailed differences, comparing both, Studio ’09 vs. Studio ’13 however, it does provide links to content I have updated for you to compare on your own (the left image launches the Studio ’13 example, the right image launches the Studio ’09 example).  In addition to my high-level overview here, check-out “What’s New in Articulate Studio ’13”.

Party Time with Articulate Studio '13

NOTE: The Studio ’13 examples can be downloaded and viewed on your iPad with the Articulate Mobile Player.

sean nufer

About a year ago I tried to test the limits of what Storyline can do, replicating web-based jquery applications and such. I ended up creating some interesting interactions, perhaps using the product to do things that it was NOT built to do. I apologize that the wix site looks a little resume-ish, but I use the site as an example for my students as they create professional portfolios.

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