Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Feb 27, 2014

Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Hey gang -

Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them!

Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch of links showcasing the awesome work you're creating with Articulate software.

If all you have is a single web page with text-based links to projects, add them below. We're trying to find more ways to promote the creative work you do and the first step is to learn what you're working on.

So go ahead and promote your work below!

: We have an elearning challenge going on portfolios. Hop over to the challenge to share your e-learning portfolio!

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Joe Dey

Here is a link to my meagre offering which is still in development (the demo page is live)

Having spent 15 years developing training courses and systems simulations for the UK Government using Captivate and Storyline and more recently A360 I want to branch out on my own.  My demo shows my expertise in a variety of development areas and I also specialise in developing interactive simulated systems (not shown due to GovUK policies. If you can use me, drop me a line. Based in Glasgow Scotland.

Jeremy Stiffler

Happy Friday everyone! If you have a free couple of minutes would you mind looking at my website and giving me some feedback? I'm building a portfolio at the moment but just don't feel like the site is hitting the mark.

Please let me know what you see that shouldn't be on there, what is missing, and what I could do better....oh, and if you like something, it would be nice to know that too. :D Thanks!

Here's the link:

Indrani Sen

Hello Tom,

Lot of websites have  annoying blue underlines.  I have it in my wordpress site too.  How can I get rid of it?  My site is dated, and needs a face lift too.  Perhaps this summer would be a perfect time to do it.  I have created mine in WordPress and GoDaddy hosts it.

This is a very basic site, and have not updated it for many years.

I am planning to recreate it in Articulate/Word Press and availing of Amazon S3 to host it.

Any publishing and hosting tips would be really helpful.

Many thanks,


Reuben Chelliah

Hi David,

My name is Reuben and I work for a dynamic e-learning company called ansrsource. 

In the link shown below, you should be able to see a sample of the courses ansrsource has worked on.

Feel free to get in touch with me on if you want to know more details about ansrsource.

Thank you,


Jo Lamontagne

This is a great resource!  I've recently embarked on this wonderful world of freelance , with my portfolio continually being developed for my website.  My strengths particularly lie in UK Regulatory Compliance, especially in the Financial Sector.  I regularly signpost potential clients to my network of freelancers and contractors, so will bookmark this thread.


Have a great week, folks!



Jo Lamontagne

Learning Experience Designer

Bhavesh Kapadia

Hi everyone,

Nice to see you all and your fantastic work.

I am also creating elearning courses which include Adaptive learning, Branching Simulation, WBT, nuggets, micro learning etc.

You can check attached images and you can view whole course with this link:


You can ping me on


Bhavesh Kapadia

+91 9819118578


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