Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Hey gang -

Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them!

Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch of links showcasing the awesome work you're creating with Articulate software.

If all you have is a single web page with text-based links to projects, add them below. We're trying to find more ways to promote the creative work you do and the first step is to learn what you're working on.

So go ahead and promote your work below!

: We have an elearning challenge going on portfolios. Hop over to the challenge to share your e-learning portfolio!

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Doug C


I have 14 years of video production experience and a certificate in distance education. My portfolio is at:

I live in Alexandria, VA just outside Washington, DC. I can work with actors to shoot and edit scenes, design whiteboard animations and interesting presentations with Powtoon and other elearning software.



Tammy Moore

Well, I see the post goes to the end instead of directly under the post I meant it to be a reply to, so here is the link to the portfolio I was responding to -

I have looked at all entries so far in the thread and I think this one is the nicest one I have seen so far. Here are some of the site-based reasons: Link is short and shows a serious online designer lives within and unified graphics throughout that speaks originality instead of stock art. From the portfolio images and video trailers of the e-earning, I see original artwork, story-based lessons, and very nice animations that have a pleasing cinematic feel. I also like that you can purchase the examples in the portfolio. This can be an important help for a client that wants to take a product on a real test drive. 

All the things that I see in this portfolio are the things that I have always thought e-learning should be and where I have been trying to go as a teacher for my students. I have been amazed that such e-learning designers are so few and far between. Thanks for being inspiring and putting the work in to create something beyond the page turner that is so prevalent in e-learning today. Bravo! 

Kim Gillham

I don't know if anyone is interested in this either, it is something I built to teach myself the 8 Ways; an Aboriginal module of pedagogy that has been developed by JCU in Townsville, Australia. It is actually an intriguing model and is more correctly a best practice model for all learning experience design.

Feel free to take a look...

8 Ways Indigenous Pedagogy: An e-learning piece [New window]

Ant Pugh

Hello everyone! And happy new year to you all!! Today marks the first day of my new life as an Elearning Freelancer!

I have built a basic portfolio which you can view by clicking here, to begin showcasing some of my work - some Storyline, some not and all fairly basic examples - but something to get get me going! I would appreciate as much advice/criticism/feedback as possible :) It's very much a work in progress so go easy on me!

Am available to work from 20th January onwards, so if anyone has any requirements or contacts who may be able to help, then please bear me in mind! :)

Cheers everyone,


Bruce Graham

Hi Mohammed.

You asked for feedback - so here goes.

If this Portfolio is designed to gain business, I think you have some fundamental problems that need to be sorted. This is all going to sound negative I'm afraid.

  1. The initial image is low quality and grainy, and does nothing to inspire confidence at  the start from any prospective clients/customers.
  2. The site allows you to progress without putting anything in "Enter your name". Why would you want this in a portfolio anyway? It's a blocker, not adding anything really. If it is designed to show a feature of SL2, as we can bypass it, again it has no/little value.
  3. Why do you have 2 options of Resume in your Resources? Just one is fine. In this case they are again both somewhat pointless as they both 404 error.
  4. There is a much more, fundamental issue. If you want to produce a Portfolio where you use English, you need to write fluently, with correct spelling and grammatical construction. I am sorry - but this is lacking throughout.

There ARE some potentially good ideas in there, however, at the moment it is very much a "work in progress" I'm afraid, and needs some significant work to make it commercially viable and useful to you. Take a step back, cut out the things that should not be in there, make the important bits work correctly, and you will have a much better product. At the moment it does nothing to "sell" you.

Mike Enders

Hi Mohammad!

I think you've got a great start to your portfolio, and I do think you've hit the nail on the head with the new features.  I really like how you used the slider to create a timeline to show your experiences.  It's a wonderful way to draw the viewer into your portfolio.   I also like that you provided a variety of (multimedia) samples on your samples page and links to your social media outlets.  

I might suggest refining the visuals a bit (for example, a crisper starting image and a thinner stroke weight on the email icon), but on the whole, I like the direction you're going in!  Thanks for participating in the challenge.  I look forward to seeing your future entries!