Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Feb 27, 2014

Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Hey gang -

Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them!

Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch of links showcasing the awesome work you're creating with Articulate software.

If all you have is a single web page with text-based links to projects, add them below. We're trying to find more ways to promote the creative work you do and the first step is to learn what you're working on.

So go ahead and promote your work below!

: We have an elearning challenge going on portfolios. Hop over to the challenge to share your e-learning portfolio!

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Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Thanks for asking. I've started my collection here ->

I'm looking forward to the time when i have enough samples to categorize them. For now, I'm just adding my most recent to the top of the list. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

DANIEL GIMNESS under Portfolio. I have over 15 years of experience at several Fortune 500 companies and agencies specifically in the area of Graphic Design/Flash Development, and eLearning, including Storyline development.

Most of the Storyline courses I've created for Dell, PayPal, Interstate Batteries, NADA, and the U.S. Department of Energy are covered by NDA and can't be displayed.

A Storyline course I created for children's educational overview of pirates can be found here:



Dianne  Hope

2 years later, my e-Portfolio looks nothing like this now - although the link is still valid. However, the recap link is not the right one, so best to use this one until I get David to update the recap link (are you there David?!)  I've attached an image for you to update the recap!

You can click on the image below to visit my re-branded e-Portfolio.