Do you have questions about The eLearning Guild's Articulate User Conference at DevLearn?

Aug 24, 2018

Greetings all-

As you’ve likely heard, we will be hosting our first eLearning Guild Articulate User Conference as a co-located event with DevLearn on October 23rd in Las Vegas. We’re always looking for opportunities to host events that can help members of our community develop the skills they need to advance their careers, so we’re extremely excited to be hosting this event.

Should you have any questions about the event agenda, how to register, or about DevLearn in general, please feel free to reach out to me either here in the eLearning Heroes Community or directly via email to I’ll also use comments in this post to share answers to frequently asked questions. 

I look forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas this fall.

Thanks for all you do.

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David Kelly

Hi Owen-

Thanks for your question. Sorry you won't be able to join us in Las Vegas this year.

This initial eLearning Guild Articulate User Conference uses a unique format that starts with everyone together exploring the latest updates from the Articulate team and then spending the day between two breakout rooms learning from Articulate Community Managers and members of the eLearning Heroes Community. You can find the agenda online here:

Running co-located events like this at future conferences is definitely something we're considering. For right now we're focused on making sure we deliver the best possible experience to members of the Articulate Community this October. 


John Morley


Glad to read you are still "considering" how to participate in future conferences. A factor to consider is that at least some of us (your customer base) are feeling a bit of bait and switch: As a Storyline user, one of my primary reasons for attending DevLearn is to improve my Storyline skills (along with the other skills in my ID quiver), assuming a significant number of sessions will address Storyline and be Articulate's involvement in the conference.

But no: The real Storyline involvement requires significant additional expense (coming out of my own pocket not incidentally), another day off work, and another night in a hotel (which in Vegas are no longer inexpensive). The quandary becomes  is there enough Storyline in the regular sessions? Should I only go to the Articulate co-sponsored thing? If not, do I even have enough brain cells to absorb an additional day of learning? Will the regular sessions be just watered-down beginner stuff from third parties, with the good stuff reserved for the co-sponsored day?

Choice is often nice, but these choices are unwelcome.

If you want to co-sponsor, do so with ISPI or ATD, which would not cannibalize the exposure you get anyway at DevLearn type events. The Articulate workshop in conjunction with ISPI-LA was the best attended event that chapter has ever had.

kendra haddock

I completely agree with what John has said, and have to say I would not be going save for Articulate's presence. The disheartening request for additional money and time (like John, it comes out of my familie's budget) is discouraging. If I had known earlier about this situation, I would not be attending.

Can you please address John's concern that the Storyline sessions Wed.-Fri are not just beginner classes designed to persuade people to subscribe to our buy your software? I feel that it is important to provide that information to the public so that other people who are considering attending do not experience the same disappointment and regret I am feeling today. 

Thank you. I look forward to your response. 


David Kelly

Thanks for your comments and questions John and Kendra. I completely understand the constraints people have around budgets, and the need to prioritize when and where to spend. 

To address one of your first concerns, I can tell you that what we are doing with the user conference has not in any way reduced how we support Storyline and other Articulate product sessions in DevLearn. If that’s one of the main reasons someone comes to DevLearn, they’ll get everything they have become accustomed to  

There are some attendees that would like to explore specific topics deeper. That’s why we offer workshops at the conference. We’ve always offered Articulate-focused workshops on each of the preconference days prior to DevLearn. 

One area of feedback we’ve often gotten was to have the ability to spend a day exploring Articulate products but from a perspective broader than a workshop. That formed the foundation of what became the Guild’s Articulate User Conference., and we’re glad to deliver it at the same pricing model of all our other preconference workshops  

While we’re thrilled with the overwhelming positive response to this event, we also understand that no  model can satisfy every person‘s unique needs. 

I hope this context helps explain why we feel this user conference expands the value of DevLearn to members of the Articulate community. 

Dave Goodman

I just registered for DevLearn but will be attending the one day AR/VR session since that is a close-by future that we all need to better understand. What would be of value is asking  Articulate to coordinate evening dinners of our community by restaurant and area of interests., e.g., Luigi's for Italian food and discussions around LMSs and implementation, CowTown American Grill with a side of creative ideas for course design, etc. If not this approach, maybe there is a way to use this forum to coordinate some small "get togethers".

If i could influence Articulate, I would not co-locate at an existing conference but rather create a sub-stratum of Articulate Days that coordinated with Tom K's Roadshows but have them in cities that Tom would not cover. These Articulate days would be one day long, hands-on events presented by the people and heroes who make this community one of the best. Local User Groups could become the local sponsors and invite people within a 100 mile diameter. Hope there are a few people who enjoy some food and chats in Las Vegas!

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