Do you STILL include navigation instructions for your courses? And what other content have you removed from your courses?

May 05, 2017


I'm curious to know if some of you still include navigation instructions for your courses? Of even a 'Before you Begin' slide where you indicate that headphones are required because there's audio?

Additionally, what other content have you removed from your courses over the past years? Maybe it has become obsolete, or have you removed content and added it to your LMS instead?





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Phil Mayor

Hi Julie

Typically when building anything I leave all instructions out, hoping to create intuitive content where instructions are unnecessary, these often creep in following client reviews because of a fear that the lowest common denominator cannot use the courses. The audio point is sometimes necessary though as often people have audio turned down or music playing.



I still include course instructions for most of my client projects. If the course is part of a series, the first module or course will include the instructions while subsequent modules will include instructions via an icon.

I don't see many examples where each module forces learners to review the instructions.

There was an e-learning challenge last year that focused on navigation instructions: 

Challenge | Recap

Ulises Musseb

When I accommodate for a lower-level of technology literacy, I include both instructions and additional guidance. I also include a "Skip" button for people who don't need to go over the instructions.

During the course, when I know that the audience is not that computer savvy, I add an interaction that pops up a message or an instruction on how to proceed about 5-10 seconds of the slide or interaction being idle.

Only under those specific circumstances I include instructions. Otherwise, I feel that by now if a person has been able to arrive to the course, that person should know quite a few things about interfaces and navigation.

Ulises Musseb

I have a 5-second of silence audio file.

I add a callout with the message ("Click here to continue"); I set its default state to hidden.

I add a trigger to play that silent audio file after the timeline ends in the slide.

I add another trigger that changes the state of the callout to normal after.

The end result is that 5 seconds after the timeline ends, the callout pops up indicating what the person should do.

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