Do you use SilkRoad GreenLight LMS or Halogen eLearning Manager?


My organization is looking as possibly purchasing a new LMS and these two platforms were recommended to us. We've done some research and have seen demos, however I'd like to hear your stories and feedback if you've used either of these LMS' especially with Articulate. 

Look forward in hearing from you! Thanks!


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Gina Hoekstra

We use Silkroad GreenLight. We really enjoy it. It is easy to manage from an Administrator standpoint. They designed it to work with different types of Organizations so some of the items are not even used in my company, but its great that we have the ability to if we wanted. Feel free to ask any specific questions. I am still trying to get a license for Articulate but for now I have been using Adobe Captivate and publishing SCORM courses and it works great. We have employees at all levels from our hourly plant workers with little to no computer experience all the way to our VP's using this system and no one has complained that it is hard to understand from their perspective either.

Gina Hoekstra

As I have not used any other LMS I have a hard time comparing it to others outside of what I have heard. I believe SilkRoad has a great platform. It has always been stable for me. The only issues I ever have technically are user related or course related (SCORM properties or AICC issues). I find their customer service is awesome. I usually talk to the same person and he is always helpful and knows my system and what I do with it.

Even if there is no "quick" fix for what I am looking to do, they always recommend things for me and we typically work out a way to get what I want without having to always pay for "customizing". I don't have a team where I is just me, so the importance of ease of use for both me as the administrator and my employees is super important. I find that this program excels at this.

The hardest part for me is figuring out how to use the reporting function. Some of them are super easy, but trying to get exactly what you want sometimes can be difficult and requires a discussion with their helpdesk. I don't really use their course building system because I use outside software (articulate and captivate), but I have played with it and it is cool, but requires a lot of time spent doing HTML or playing with a WYSIWYG platform.

Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. I would  be happy to give more feedback on any particular area.


David Hofstetter

Hi Connie,

We have been using Halogen for several years now. It works great with Articulate. We really haven't had any issues with SCORM or AICC courses. The system is easy to administer and when I do have questions, the service has been great. They always follow up when they say they will. Our users find it pretty easy to navigate through. I would be glad to speak with you off line if you'd like.


Wanda Ladd

I have implemented Halogen at two different companies while I was in the Director of HR Role.  Halogen's continuous product innovations and integrations has kept me coming back and their unbelievable service has made my job that much easier!  The eLMS module is one of our modules and has been great.  We use it for many different types of learning (SCORM courses, power points, in class, webinars, ect.) and employees are very satisfied with ease of use.  One of the things I like most about Halogen is the ability to link all of your initiatives (learning, goals, competencies, etc) to the corporate objectives and strategy with the click of a button.  It is amazing the impact this can have to show employees exactly how each specific item they are doing is linked directly to a corporate priority.  I would not hesitate to recommend Halogen for any of the modules I have experience with (performance management, job descriptions, compensation, and learning).  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Good luck with your analysis.

Dave Jones

Hi Connie,

I’m not sure if you have made your selection yet, but I would like to weigh in on the discussion.  I have used Halogen eLMS for over three years.  We initially looked at Halogen for our performance management needs and once we saw the eLMS module, we were hooked.  It works well for every type of training we offer.  I found it very easy to use as an administrator.  When I do have questions, or suggestions, I always get a quick response from Halogen support.  Employees can easily search and register for classes.  Managers are also able to quickly enroll their staff.  Running reports is a snap.  I can see training data regarding a specific employee, department, even by job classification.  I can also see information related to each training course.   I especially like that I can run a training impact report that compares performance competency scores before and after the training.  
If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss further.

Gina Hoekstra

I came from never touching an LMS, and it only took me about 2 weeks to feel proficient with it. I see I mentioned reporting before, which isn't that bad. I now use the RDL report builder to get what I want for the most part. You just have to know which fields will work for which part.

The other hard part for me was and still is, trying to figure out how to use all the qualification dates to get things to work the way I want them too.  I think I finally mastered that over the last couple months and things seem to be working more smoothly now.

As far as customization goes, I guess it depends on what you want to do. How it looks can be set up I believe by your team when you go through the process of implementation (I know they helped build our student skin). If you have someone that is great with HTML, then yes, I believe it can be fully customized. I know HTML,  but since I am the only administrator really that looks at the admin, I left the "stock" one we got. Works for me. I just edit the shortcuts to make moving around a little easier.

I'd be happy to share other thoughts about the program if you wish to hear them. Feel free to drop me an email.



Tessa Maki

What a perfect find! Thanks for asking the same question I now have, Connie! I would love to hear the result of your purchase; did you end up selecting GreenLight or Halogen?

The input alreay provided here has helped me a lot, but I do have one specific question for Halogen users: Are you able to report on how learners responded to specific quiz questions within a Storyline course?

I originally ruled Halogen's LMS out after I was told during an initial demo that only the total score for the course is available, and that there is no way to get down to which questions are correct/incorrect. (I know other LMSs are able to do this, so it isn't a SCORM limitation as some companies have told me.) Now my company is considering SilkRoad and Halogen for performance management, and it only makes sense to go with the same vendor for the LMS, if possible. However, not having access to information that provides detail on how a learner responded to individual questions within a SCORM course is a huge drawback. If you have found a way to make this work in Halogen, I'd really appreciate the info as I believe that's the direction HR is leaning. 

Thanks in advance for your help!