Do you work in the UK Public sector?

I'm after local government workers, central gov, police, MOD, NHS, education etc etc.

Anyone who works for the tax payer basically.

I have created a group on Linked in (mostly as it seemed as good a place as any to hold a closed group) with the express desire for it to be somewhere all elearning bods in the PS can go to share ideas but also resources.

We all work for the same boss and it strikes me as silly that we don't all share stuff more and i figured a closed LinkedIn group might be a place people would be prepared to share their wares in.

The group can be found here and id love anyone who fits the bill or wants to help to join.

My hope is that this will help us keep costs down but also make sure we share really good practice and courses all over the UK.

I will be keeping an eye to make sure it does not end up being somewhere you get people trying to sell you things. :)

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