Does anyone know an ILT/Workshop for Instructional Design?

I'm searching a good ITL or Workshop for my co-worker, who is intersted in Instructional Design, as self-development. She is an instructor for stand-up training, but doesn't have background on instructional design.

Is there a workshop that combines both "Instructional Theory" and "Design Technology"?

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Bob S

Hi Jenny,

For someone who kinda "needs it all"...  I found the F&K (Fries and Kayes) ID workshops interesting. They used to offer a 3-day and 5-day version, with the former being a staple at annual Training Magazine conference.

Note: Pieces of if are a bit dated and the process taught lives in the ideal world, but it's a nice overview of how it all should work with good tie-ins to learning styles, competencies & gaps, PAF instruction model, and more. Weak on evaluation and ROI, but that's probably ok for what you are looking for.

Interestingly enough, another workshop often taught at that very same conference used to be a "real world" ID short course that discussed why, when and how to cut corners in the process and the likely results; pro and con. It was a nice counterpart to the ideal model.

Hope this helps,


Brian Wrest

We've hired Bob Mager's company to come to us (I believe you can travel to them as well); it was split between two, three-day workshops which required an actual project (real or fictitious).  After being through 4 other such workshops (including ASTD's) I think this is by far the most technical and "complete".  To me, it summarized 4-6 years of college in two intense sessions.  The process they teach is quite robust and is essentially moderated by one of Bob's co-workers/co-founders.  Pricey...but well worth the money:

Jenny Wang

Bob S said:

Hi Jenny,

I'm so sorry, I don't remember the name. However I recall the title (and description) being quite intuitive so it was clear what it was... and wasn't.  Once the Training Magazine conference site is up for 2013, the workshops should be listed there again.

Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. I'll share Training Magazine conference with my co-worker too. I haven't attended this conference myself.

Jenny Wang

April Caldwell said:

Langevin also has some decent classes. They're a Canadian company (I think), but offer online classes and in-person classes in the U.S. And of course ASTD also has very good courses and certificate programs.

Hi, April, thanks for the information. I noticed one of the workshops is " Instructional Design for New Designers". It seems a good fit for my co-worker... Thanks!