Double Click Simulations not working in latest version of Chrome.

May 16, 2017

Hi team,

We have a project which features software demonstrations and simulations (Show me and Try it). We uses software screen shots for achieving show mes and try its. Storyline2 is used for production. There are many Try its which require users to double click and proceed. These were working fine in all browsers including chrome until chrome released the latest version(58.0.3029) 5 days ago. After this update, double clicks are not working  in chrome. So far we have not noticed this issue in other browsers. Our target audiences uses all browsers and chrome is one of the major browser in use. We have released approx 150 modules and all those will have this issue with Chrome. Have you received any similar bugs from others, and what could be possibly  causing the issue? Waiting eagerly for your response on this.


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Sam Hammond

Wanted to echo Mahesh's concern and also report this issue. I'm experiencing it in Storyline 2 HTML5 output only, using the latest versions of Chrome and SL2. 

It's strange in that on rare occasions the double-click does have the intended effect, but more often than not it doesn't register appropriately. Our team also uses this trigger heavily for software simulations.

Mahesh  Vijayan

Hi Sam,

Seems like we both are in the same situation. In our case, double clicks are not at all working in Chrome. From your comment it seems like it's working at rare instances.  Waiting for the response of the SL team on this.

We have also noticed that loading time has heavily increased in the latest versions of Chrome.

Sam Hammond

It's very puzzling -- I have a square hotspot (100px H x 100px W) that does register the  double-click on rare occasions, but often I'm clicking away on it like a maniac and nothing happens. A deliberately spaced double-click in a certain spot tends to work if I don't move the mouse at all; obviously this is not ideal behavior. 

Shorter, wider hotspots in the same simulation (30px H x 200px W) do not seem work at all. And, as you said, everything works perfectly fine in IE and Firefox. 

So it seems like an issue between how SL2 transmits its double-click actions in the HTML5 engine, and how the latest version of Chrome interprets them. 

I've noticed today that an update to SL2 is available (update 12), so I'm going to apply it and see if it addresses this issue. Stay tuned!

UPDATE UPDATE: I applied update 12 and the issue is still present. Again, I have luck with the larger hotspot but not with the smaller ones.

To give some more context, our simulations feature stacked, transparent hotspots. Correct hotspots are layered atop an "incorrect" hotspot that provides remediation if a user clicks in the wrong place for a given step. Not sure if the stacking of shapes/hotspots may be complicating things here. Until recently, the hotspots also featured custom states, but I stripped these out after reading about this being a potential issue in the forums. Unfortunately this didn't solve the issue.

Sam Hammond

Sorry to hijack this thread, Mahesh, but one more thing I investigated was to see whether the latest version of Storyline 3 has the same issue. Fortunately, it does not.

Unfortunately, it may not be viable for your team to upgrade and convert all of your courses to address this issue. Our team is currently looking into whether this is feasible for us.

Mahesh  Vijayan

Awesome! That's a whole lot of information Sam. Never mind about Hijacking, this is your thread also. We do not have SL3 till now. We will install a trail version and see how it works. Upgrading all our license to SL3 will be challenging for us. I hope SL team will give an update in SL2 to solve this.

Regarding the hotspots, we use a single hotspot and any clicks outside the hotspot will give the wrong feedback. Adding more hotpsots will results in increased file size and other potential issues.


Mahesh  Vijayan

Hi Kelly,

One more issue has surfaced in HTML5 output. On instances where right clicks are required, even if you right click correctly on the correct spot, we get a feedback for wrong attempt. This is working perfectly in flash output. To fix this we included an additional trigger to hide the feedback for wrong attempt, but this seems to be not working in HTML5 output. Generally speaking HTML5 output gives us many issues for simulation projects.

I am hoping to get an update in Storyline 2 to solve these issues in HTML5 output.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dayanand,

I'm so sorry you've run into an issue as well! This discussion is a bit older, so I'd want to gather a bit more info from you and it may be easiest to work through this with our Support Engineers so they can take a look at your file too! 

I took a look at Mahesh's case and it doesn't appear that it was determined to be a bug, but based on his custom design, how we'd expect Storyline to behave. 

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