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Judy Nollet

Are you asking about the standard Matching Drag-and-Drop question?

Alas, there's no way to change the fill or border of the Choice and Match objects. And, aside from adjusting the overall width of the box they appear in, you can't adjust their size, either.

However, you can adjust the text within the Choice and Match objects as desired (e.g., change the font and its color).

As for branding, you can do anything you want with the rest of the slide. Use the company's colors for the text and/or background. Adjust the layout (though there are limits for this based on the amount of text needed for the question and responses). Add photos and/or graphics.

In short, there are multiple formatting options you can employ that would "brand" the slide appropriately.

And if you're creating a free-form drag-and-drop, well, you're free to form(at) it as you please to comply with branding standards.