Drag and Drop


I have some problems to realize the follwoing drag and drop example:

The learner should drop the blue rectangle in the centre of the black rectangle. I created another red dashed rectangle which shows the perfect position (hidden at the moment).

If the learner drops the rectangle at the perfect position (slide 2), a correct layer should pop up.

If the learner drops the rectangle at any other position than the center (slide 3), a wrong layer should pop up.

Do you know how I realize that the correct layer is shown only when the rectangle is in the perfect position?

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Fiedel Laurenz

Hi Wendy, thanks for your help. 

Unfortunately it's not exactly what I want. In your example, the correct layer is also shown when you drop the blue rectangle at the same position as it is in slide 3. But what I want is that the wrong layer is shown in this position. Do you understand what I mean?