Drag and drop items from a flyout panel

I am hoping someone can either help me or point me in the right direction to a tutorial to do the following

I am creating an interactive quiz....for one of the questions I want the have a panel that flies out when you click on a button  - on the panel are a selection of objects that the leaner can pick from - the selected object has to be dragged and dropped to the correct drop target -they are then scored if they drop the correct object to the correct target

it is the flyout panel with the selectable drag items that  I am having trouble with -I am sure I have seen an example of this done... but now cannot find it 

I am struggling on first how to create the panel that flies in/out (I am guessing i have to use layers for this...) but if I do use layers how can I get an object from the selection panel layer to appear on the base layer to enable the learner tosubmit the answer to be scored?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Patricia,

You're right - if you use a layer for your flyout panel it won't work. Instead, try using States. You could have the panel be hidden by default and when the user hovers over the area it appears (you can add animations to states). You would have to do the same for the objects: hidden by default and appear when the panel's state is equal to hover.

Hope that helps! :) Let me know if you have any problems implementing this.

Patricia de Souza

Hi Wendy 

Thanks for the example.... this is nearly want I want to do!.. instead of the panel flying out automatically, I want the learner to click either a button or have the panel look like it is half hidden and they click to reveal the whole panel; with this and Allisons suggestion I think I can now work out what to do :)