Drag and Drop- More than one answer

I am trying to make a graded quiz item where students drag the name of a nutrient over the part of the digestive tract where it is digested. Two of the nutrients are digested in two parts of the tract, so need to have two correct answers. 

I have tried this is drag and drop and pick many, as well as by changing the states on the buttons to correct/incorrect when dropped, but have not been able to figure out how to have it graded correctly. 

Thank you for your assistance. 

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Joanne Chen

Hi Colleen, 

If there are multiple correct drop targets for one drag item, you should use text entry freeform instead of Drag&Drop freeform. Drag&Drop are prebuilt for one to one. Here are steps how you can accomplish what you need:

  1. Change object state to Drop Correct if the object dropped on correct target(s).
  2. Change object state to Drop Incorrect if the object dropped on incorrect targets.
  3. Adjust the value of text entry variable equal to 1 when user clicks the submit BTN on condition of all the drag items are in Drop Correct states.
  4. Adjust the value of text entry variable equal to 0 when user clicks the submit BTN on condition of any drag item state is not equal to Drop Correct .
  5. Set 1 as the correct answer for the text entry question.
  6. Move text entry outside the slide so users won't know the trick.
Colleen Brady

Thank you Joanne, this was very helpful, and I think I am getting close. Two more things: 

1) when I submit, it says I have not finished the question. Did I do something wrong in setting up the text entry triggers? 

2) I don't want it to actually change state (correct/incorrect) until after submission. How would I do that? 

Joey Buys

Good day Colleen.

I had a look at your Storyline file and you have one very slight mistake in your trigger order and you are also missing one parameter to get the slide to work properly.

1. Your submit button trigger order should be rearranged. At the moment you have the 'Submit interaction' trigger being fired before the validation can occur, resulting in the error you are getting. Simply move the 'Submit Interaction'  trigger to the very bottom to rectify this error.

2. You should have a slide trigger at the very beginning that assigns your 'TextEntry' field a value of '0' when the timeline starts. The reason you are getting the 'Invalid Answer' error is because the 'Text entry' field is blank.

3. With regards to the state change you mentioned - the easiest work around is to simply change the colours of the 'correct' and 'incorrect' states to yellow. This will have the logic applied to it, without the visual cue.

Hope this helps.