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Dec 30, 2015

Hello, I am trying to build a specific interaction/quiz question. So far I have attempted to use a freeform drag and drop quiz question with no luck.

I am trying to build an interaction that would allow the user to drop one of the appropriate answers to the target without requiring all appropriate answers.

For example. I have 13 food items on the screen. The learner is asked to select 3 items, that would make a balanced meal, and drag them to a plate. The plate is divided into 3 food groups with 3 drop targets. I would like the user to be able to choose any of the whole grains for the whole grain section of the plate.

I tried setting my drop options to "Allow only one item in each drop target." It works in the sense that only 1 drag option is permitted per drop target, but it will never produce a correct answer since all of the drag options are not in their targets.

Is there a better way to do this?

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Mackenzie Moyer

Hello Erika,

I worked out a solution with variables. I created True/False variables for each category (protein, carb, fruit). Initially set to false, the variables change to True if the item in question (e.g. the bananas) is dropped in the proper area (e.g. the fruit section).

I then created a True/False variable for that combo (called it "proteincarbfruit").

When the user clicks "Submit", the variables for each of the three items will change "proteincarbfruit" to True if those three variables are True. Then it will show the "Correct!" layer after this.

Next steps: you'll need to make variables for each of the items. The rest should work :)

- Mackenzie

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