Drag and drop quiz using video media

Feb 19, 2017


I'm very new to articulate and am still finding my way round the basics. One of my favourite elements so far has been Quiz master and in particular the drag and drop quiz.

I was wondering whether it is possible to set up a drag and drop quiz using short video clips? When I tried earlier it wouldn't let me label the clips as part of the quiz.

I guess I could just give each video clip an icon that can then be dragged to the right place

Thanks in advance for any help



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Nicole Legault

Hi Simon, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the E-Learning Heroes Community. Glad to hear you're becoming acquainted with Articulate, and so happy you're loving Quizmaker so far! Unfortunately, Quizmaker currently does not allow you to use videos as drag items in a Drag-and-Drop question. 

However, what you could potentially do instead is have a rectangle shape displayed on top of each video with the title or with text such as "Video 1", "Video 2", etc. and that would be the item they drag over instead of the video itself. That may be a way to get around that.

And if you ever want to submit a feature request so that videos can be drag items, please do so here.

Hope this helps! :) Best of luck with your project.