Drag and Drop - Socket Load Calculator

I got a task to recreate a mini app found on the Internet. I had no idea whether that app was created with Articulate 360. I started from scratch and got nearly there. I'm sure this can be done much better. I'd love to see some feedback.



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Bianca Woods

Hi Mac,

Thanks so much for sharing your interaction! The functionality in it works well and I particularly liked the look and feel of the amps and watts used scales.

As for feedback for ways to continuing to polish it, in playing with the interaction I did think there were opportunities to adjust the information pop-ups that could make the experience a bit smoother for your learners.

The one at the top with the ratings of commonly used domestic appliances was important information for completing the interaction. But because the rating information was separate from the drag and drop images, it involved a lot of back and forth between the pop-up and the interaction. Perhaps including the amps and watts by each device used under their image could make the interaction more seamless?

As for the information pop-up closer to the bottom, the information in it was related to the overall topic of electrical power, current, and safety. But it wasn't directly related to the more narrow focus of the interaction. It could be worth moving that information out of the interaction and into its own new section. Maybe an optional introduction to how electrical power/current works that comes before this interaction?.

Mac Wontorowski

Wonderful! Thanks for your feedback. You are 100% right. To be honest I focused on recreating the app I was shown and apart from completely changing the feel I aimed at getting the functionality as close as possible what cost me some effort as I'm new to the business :) Thanks for your ideas!