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Nicole Legault

Hi John!

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums. 

There are lots of free drag-and-drop goodies available in the community: 

8 Fresh Drag-and-Drop Examples (with Template Freebies!)

Hit Your Target with These 7 Drag-and-Drop Examples

and I think this Sorting interaction might be similar to what you're looking for? Storyline 2: Drag-and-Drop Sorting Interaction  

If you don't find a template that fits your needs, building your own drag-and-drop interaction is super quick and easy to do with our Freeform slides. Here's some links and resources to help you out with that:

TUTORIAL: Storyline 2: Drag-and-Drop Questions

VIDEO: Getting Started with Articulate Storyline 2: Creating freeform drag & drop interactions

Best of luck with your drag and drop activity :)