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David Anderson

Cool example, Namrata. It really demonstrates Storyline's flexibility and how experienced designers can override the default settings. 

Another option for this type of sorting activity would be to use a single drop target for each topic group and set the drag options to tile. This would also allow multiple correct answers for each target. 

Example: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/9aa72d0c-392c-40f7-bf6c-e625ad74337e/review

Source file (attached)

Tara Richardson

Thank you for the post on the forum about multiple correct answers for a drag and drop. I'm wondering if you could direct me on a project to have students assess their knowledge of vocab words by dragging them into categories of: I know it, I think I know it, I don't know it. This example might work but if a student knows "all" or doesn't, the spaces would need to expand, so for that reason, this example wouldn't be idea.  Also, there would be no correct spaces, only for purposes of categorizing and I'd like for them to return and resort based on new knowledge. Thanks in advance.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tara

Without seeing your file setup or how many terms you are talking about you could make the drop targets all the same size but big enough to accommodate all answers if dropped.  Add a reset button where the slide jumps to itself and set the slide properties to 'reset to initial' state. You would need to customise as there is no 'correct answer' so it wouldn't be a quiz type slide

Mocked up slides

Tara Richardson

Thank you so much Wendy. The visuals really help me envision this. I really appreciate your time!

So after the students move ahead in the lesson, you're saying a return / reset button would be used to return the students to the sorting slide and it would appear as they sorted it? I could use a bit more info on how you envision this working and if they changed their sorting, how the slide would hold their choices.


Wendy Farmer
Tara Richardson

I could use a bit more info on how you envision this working

Hi Tara

sorry I missed your reply and question.  It's not about how I envision this working it's how you set it up to meet you or your client's requirement.

So the above was really a visual of possibly how it could work - happy to work with you and help if you have other requirements.

I expect you'd have to customise the DnD rather than use the default SL options as this isn't really a correct/incorrect question you are asking - so are you saying you want them to acknowledge their current level then work through more content then come back and repeat this exercise? Does the result have to be sent to an LMS? 

Kyle Yates

So, I needed to allow users to drop the correct items onto the drop targets without an order.  I also needed to award partial credit for each drop correct.  By looking at this thread plus another I was able to create a relatively simple solution for both using the pick 1 freeform. 

Each object has a trigger for drop correct or drop incorrect and a trigger adding 1 to an overall variable whenever a drop correct occurs.  The buttons off screen are triggered to be selected based on the variable, and the different buttons are given scoring values in the form view.

Anyway, here's the sample, it's one question from a larger test.  I removed the correct/incorrect layer in the actual test.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Stephanie,

I remember seeing an example of that on the Forum. You could search for it. 

You're probably better off just starting from scratch, though. 

  • Set up the slide as you want it to appear.
    • Add an empty rectangle (or just a text box with underlined spaces) where the missing words need to go.
    • Add an object (text box or rectangle) for each of the options that will be draggable. 
    • It'll help to name everything. For example, call the "blanks" Target1, Target2, etc. Then use corresponding names for the draggable objects, such as Drag1 (for the object that should be dropped on Target1). 
  • Go to the Insert tab, and click Convert to Freeform.

  • Use Form View to indicate which items are draggable and the proper target for each one.

There's more info about converting to freeform in the User Guide: