drag, drop and doesn't submit

Aug 12, 2022

I've drag-and-dropped myself into a corner. The interaction is built: there are two hotspots and 12 items to drag and drop, six for each. I've added colour-coded right and wrong answer states to each choice. (Is there a way to speed that up? A state-painter perhaps?)

I want the choices to show colour when they hit Submit. If all correct they get an at'ta boy and move on to a True/False question. The incorrect are easily seen, and I want them to finish by putting items in the right place, hit Submit and move on.

The drag and drop parts work fine, but clicking Submit does nothing and I can't figure out why. I've attached a zip file of the slide. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. 

Thank you, Greg     

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Gregory Bissky

Hi Wendy,

Damn. I did go through the motions of attaching and saw the file name in
the attached box. I did wonder why it was greyed out.

the 360 Review link to the slide. I am now going to learn how to send the
entire file so you can look at what I've done wrong or haven't done.
That'll be to you as soon as I can.

BTW thank you.

Tom Kuhlmann

Hey Greg, no need to ship the computer :)

You sent the published output so we can't see the slide, but I built a mock up tutorial and show some tips on how I'd build it. Your submit button on the player works so I assume the trigger on your custom submit button is just not set correctly.

Look over the video and see if that helps. If not, let us know.

Gregory Bissky

Not sure where to begin Tom. Wow. Thanks oceans for taking the time to help
me. If I was 40 or so years younger Articulate looks to be a good choice
for a career.

Your demo answered a lot of questions. Re: submit, I'd seen there was a
trigger already but didn't cotton on to it was for the Player. Adding a
trigger as you did to my Submit button worked. One headache gone.

I wish I knew how to send the actual file, not just the output. I haven't
been able to find out how to do that. Yes, that might be a hint. 😁

I'm starting to think what I envisioned for this slide is not easily
created (or at all). Here is my plan.

1. users can't click submit until all drops have been dragged. I think
variables will do this.
2. I deleted the rest because ...

Your tutorial worked! Cool. I had created two new states for all 12
choices, colour-coded right answer and wrong answer states. From your
tutorial I learned of the drag correct etc uilt-in states. Added those -
and THANK YOU for the tip about copying states: I'm an experienced PPT user
and format painter saves tons of time - added those built-in states,
colour-coded, and voila, it works. Different than I'd thought but 100%
acceptable (maybe better).

Now I have to figure out where the Submit results go, i.e., some kind of
Results page. My users are international students, from high school to grad
school. School boards will for sure want student results to the little
questions (like this slide) and that's where I'm exploring next. It will
likely be on their own LMS. Colleges and Universities can't - as far as I
can see - insist on collecting user results (maybe in aggregate form).
Maybe two versions of the course?

3. Is it possible to create my own Correct/Incorrect layers, or are the
built-in ones coded to send results somewhere? I am a bugger for feedback,
and hate to waste a teachable moment.
4. I am going to add a slide in the first lesson for them to name
themselves: can I make that name usable for 50+ lessons? Shoot, just
realized I'll need unique IDs for each user. And I thought creating the
interactivity was the hardest part. I hate back-office tasks.
5. I also want to add some survey-type questions to the first lesson,
Likert scale about where their problems are, how they feel etc., (viewable
to school districts only in aggregate form). I want to repeat the exact
survey at the end of all four courses in the Success in Western Schools
program, the best way I can think for users to track their progress, and,
in my dreams, it becomes a motivating force.

Tom, I feel bad asking for so much of your time. If there are tutorials or
user guides please just point me at them.

I hope your day gets better. Mine sure did after I watched your tutorial.

Greg Bissky

Tom Kuhlmann
  1. Sharing a file. When you build something in Storyline and save it, you'll get a project.story file. All you need to do is attach the *.story file
  2. Check out this training page, we have everything you need to learn. I'd look over the getting started with quizzes to learn about results pages, etc. And this series David did has a lot of practice activities.
  3. You can modify the layers in the layers and if you go to into View>Feedback Master you can modify those master files similar to how you'd work with PowerPoint slide masters.
  4. Unique IDs: you can do a search in the community here and there are some tips on how to pull the user IDs into the course using JavaScript and variables.
  5. For the survey, I'd probably explore one of those survey/form products and then insert it into the slide using a web object.