Drag&Drop Quiz slide

Hello everybody,

I put apples with answers into a basket. 3 correct ones out of 7. If the answer is incorrect I have Try again! button as reply but when clicking on Try again! I'd like to have all apples back in starting position without need to drag incorrect apples out from the basket. Should be easy but I cannot find out how. Can anybody help?

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Amber Starfire

Hi, I have the same issue. But the problem with "reset to initial state," is that if you allow the learner more than 1 try, you get caught in a loop where they have unlimited tries and can't move forward without getting the answers correct. I tried working with a variable to move it forward, and that hasn't worked either. I just want the drag-n-drop items to snap back to their original positions without resetting the whole slide. Is this possible? Thanks.