Drag event and Drop event on a single object is not working


I am creating drag and drop interaction, where I have added both drag event and drop event to the same object but the target for drag is different and for the drop event is different.

The interaction will work in this way that if the user drags the object over the drag target then it will change the state to become smaller in size and when the user drops the same object to its drop target then the state should change to hidden.

My draggable event is working but when I dropped to its drop target then the object is not getting in a hidden state.

Please suggest me what I can do for resolving this issue.

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Chris Foster

Hi Neha,

I think I understand what you mean - and I think it is the same or if not, very similar to something I got stuck on a while back. 

What I had was 6 drop zones and 6 drop items. The drop items are speach bubbles with a value statement (as in corporate values). The drop zones are boxes with open lids. So from here on out I'll call them values and boxes.

Each value has it's correct box (values match the icon on the front of the box)


I wanted the following:

  • For each box to react as a value was dragged over it
  • For any value to be droppable in to any box
  • For each box to only accept one value whether correct or incorrect
  • For state change on box once used to leave a box with a closed lid
  • For a correct or incorrect icon above each box to appear once used


To achieve this, it took me 89 change state triggers plus a few variables. 


I searched and searched whilst stuck on this and found nothing of use, I was very new to Articulate at the time and so didn't know exactly what I was looking for in terms of searching key words/terminology so you might have had better luck. 

I have attached the storyfile for you to download and see if it is of use. If I can help at all with anything else, please shout :-)

Here it is in action: