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Jun 21, 2018

In Elearning Heroes Challenge #202, participants were asked to use a Drag N Drop interaction in an eLearning project. I had been considering the idea of using the action as a menu. In this case, an object would be dropped on a drop area and the learner would see a topic. With this type of interaction, you could use layers, other slides, even a lightbox effect. I am using Storyline 3 for this challenge.

I decided to keep it simple and have the interaction take the learner to a new layer for each topic. In this case, the information would be short in length. This project could make a good template for micro-learning where the information for each topic can be read quickly.
I selected an image from freepik.com of a mountain forest scene with a lake in the background. The topics could cover different aspects of the forest, mountain, trees, rocks, and so on. I found other images on freepik.com to complete the six topics.
I created six layers and labeled them topic1, topic2, etc. I placed an image in each layer and inserted a shaped at the top left as a label to show the topic number. I also placed a text holder area that represents the information for that topic. Since this is a demonstration, I inserted a text box and typed =lorem(3). This places three paragraphs of text in the text box. I then set the color of the label and text box and copied those objects to the other layers.


With the label, text box ,and image on each layer, I made sure all of the objects lined up. This is one of the newer features in Storyline 3 and 360. In the Slide Layers panel, you can click the eye icon for each layer. The icon is on the far right of the layer and it becomes visible when the mouse hovers over. Click that icon to allow images on each layer to show for alignment purposes.

eye icon
I inserted the Hexagon shape on the base layer of the Drag and Drop slide. I labeled each shape T1, T2, T3, etc. on the Timeline. This is an important step when you make this interactive. You need to identify each shape to make this work. I formatted it as to color and typed a number. I then clicked the States tab and clicked the Edit States button. Click the new state icon and type H, the word hover appears. Click the ADD button and then I added a rectangle shape and type Topic One. Click DONE EDITING STATES. I copied this shape 5 times and then edited each State to change the number and the Topic for each one. Draw another shape over the lake and format it to No Line and No Fill and name it Drop on the Timeline.

The last step is to make this a dragndrop interaction. On the INSERT tab, click the Convert to Freeform icon and select the Drag and Drop option, click OK. Click the icon for the Form View and click in the left column and click the T1, T2, T3, etc. items to be dragged. Then on the right column click Drop for each one.
Now set triggers for each shape, show layer#, that when the user drops a shape on Drop and another trigger to change the state of each shape to hidden when dropped on DROP.

drop trigger
This is my ELH 202 Drag N Drop project.
This is the Story file.
I hope this idea works for you.

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