Drop on not working - Triggers not firing?

I made this slide using a "submit" button and it worked fine. Once I tried to add triggers so it would in real time display the calories it stopped working.

I added triggers so that if an item is dropped on the plate it would trigger adding the various variables to the calorie total count if the item was registered (dropped on plate). It does not seem to add anything? 


Is my trigger order just wrong or something else?


I am using Storyline 2

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Brian E.W. McNulty

If you are just trying to add individual variables to an overall total, then I would take the values off each food and IV variable and show as 0. Then when you go into to drag and drop, you can Add a value to each object. I updated your SL file. Let me know if this makes sense and if this is what you were talking about.

Note how I also added a Subtraction trigger when dragging the object off the plate.