Drop target status change

Hi, maybe I'm missing something...tried to use the help, but none of the pages are currently working for me.  :(

I have a situation where I want the status of the drop TARGET to change, not the drop item.  So, I have a box that says "drop item here" and they have to drag a text box onto it.  Once an item is dropped, I want the drop target to be blank so you don't see the "drop item here" text and the text of the item as well.  I figured out how to do it changing the drop item, but I'd rather change the target.  I created states, just can't figure out how to get a trigger to work.

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Catherine Ross

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation!  I'm on SL3, so the trigger ended up being backwards from what you had.  The trigger isn't exactly the same (360 is much more intuitive), but I was able to get it to work.   I had to create 4 triggers for each answer that changed the state of the target. I attached what my trigger screen looks like.  Thank you again!!