Duolingo style course for learning languages

I love to learn languages, one of my favorite apps is Duolingo. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make something in a similar style using Storyline?

Course in progress

I have started to experiment today and have mapped out some early ideas. You can check these out using the link at the bottom of this post.  Or click here.

Right now, the lessons are all 1 piece of information or a question and I have only built 5 for a short demo. Playing through this now I could see this style being useful not only for languages but potentially also for learning complex terms and jargon.  

I am sharing this with the Articulate community early to get thoughts on this style and if it's something potentially useful? and ideas on how to make it amazing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance and I hope you enjoy my short demo.


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Bianca Woods

Hi Danny,

Thanks for sharing this demo! It's such a fun way to use outside inspiration to rethink the course user interface.

I think the circle around each level works quite well. It does an excellent job of indicating progress, whether someone is familiar with how Duolingo shows progress or not.

At first glance I did wonder if learners could miss the scrolling content at first since on the start screen you can't see a lot of the circles below Level 1. Maybe a navigation tip when people get started or shifting the layout to show slightly more of the locked Level 2 and 3 circles could help?

I know it's a bit past this initial proof of concept, but have you come up with any ideas for what kinds of things the XP count could signify or unlock for users in this context (whether it's similar to what Duolingo offers or completely different)? It seems like there's a lot of cool possibilities there.